About Us

The War on Waste is a process that is totally focused on making money for a company.  And it does so by guiding employees in a very structured approach which engages employees to contribute ideas that will eliminate an identified waste.  It is not an individual effort, it is a team effort.  And the results over the last 30 years have been spectacular.  The following is a typical presentation forum for employees to present their ideas in the traditional War on Waste program on a company’s premises.

David Campos & Team

It began as a training program about lean manufacturing as preached by Taiichi Ohno, the original developer of the Toyota Production System.  But there was a glitch.  One of the class attendees couldn’t read and she would have been lost in a training program which involved discussing slides (which she would have had to read).

So Len Bertain altered the program and it has evolved to the very successful program that we see today.  In one audit of the program, the results for 23 companies and 200 ideas, the average ROI on the ideas was 3801% not the targeted 5000%.  But Len or anyone in business will take that. See the Results!

Len Bertain and Craig Humphreys got together and figured out how to bring this program to the Internet as an interactive training program.  Using state of the art video technology and social media tools, they have configured a program that:

  • Allows remote users to participate;
  • Tracks employee progress;
  • Stores all documents created for easy reference;
  • Records all video sessions and stores them for review by participants and their bosses;
  • Uses facilitators sessions to advance the participants’ understanding of the problem;
  • Tracks the progress of the solution over the year after its successful implementation.

Len and Craig are pleased as Founders of the War on Waste Academy to present “eWOW” – The War on Waste on the Internet.