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Enjoy our educational posts on aspects of the War on Waste and the application of 5/67 Thinking (Click on title):

  1. Defining a problem is the key to solving it

  2. Don’t start on a project unless you know the Definition of Done

  3. 5/67 Thinking – In Business, Short Sprints beat Marathons

  4. Unbiased “Measurements” of Problems Lead to the Fastest Solutions!

  5. What to do with a Problem so Difficult it is Wicked?

  6. Solving the Recruiting Problem – Why Some Approaches Don’t Work

  7. Why your Team Composition Matters to its Success – Pioneers and Settlers

  8. Creating a Culture of Innovation – Part 1

  9. Creating a Culture of Innovation – Part 2

  10. Creating a Culture of Innovation – Part 3

  11. Thinking Outside of the Box – for CEOs

  12. Common Goal/Definition of Done – War on Waste Team Success

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